On Set Experience Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a powerful technique in the film making process.  It allows Directors and the DP to see post production and live action in context. Being able to preview post production graphics while shooting live action prevents common issues with integration and lighting inconsistencies.  Editorial also benefits from the realtime composite.  Conformed editorial cuts have a composite instead of green screen only.  Camera positional tracking information is also captured in a 3D volume, making it easy to quickly lock 3D camera tracking in post production.


Real Location VS Virtual Location

This clip is a test showing how high quality virtual sets can be and how it is possible to capture depth of field information.


Last Man On Earth Virtual Location

For Last Man On Earth virtual sets saved 20th Century Fox a ton of money.  This clip demonstrates how CBS build the virtual set for LMOE and how well it integrates with the live action footage.  Once the set was created we pushed about 100 + shots out in only a few weeks.  Traditionally, this process would have been treated on a shot by shot bases and would have been costly in post production.

117 8k UDIM Textures


24mm Photo Survey


HDR 8mm 360 Photo Survey


Mars Test


Mars Test Focus